NAPturally Mine


The Journey

The concept of "NAPturally Mine" began in late 2011. 

I've actually been "Flat-Ironed" natural for several years.  However going natural was not a just happened! I got my hair cut into a short bob in 2007 and I was getting it cut every 2 weeks.  My stylist, who specialized in healthy hair, did such an AWESOME job with straightening my hair, that before I knew it, my relaxer had been cut completely out! So I decided to venture over to the Kinky-Curly side!! I find extreme Joy in learning how to Treat, Protect, Nurture and most importantly, LOVE my Hair in it's NATURAL State...ALL while embracing EVERY Kinky-Curly strand of what is "NAPturally Mine"!!
Thank you for visiting our Site!

Sharon Denise



 NAPturally Mine!